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This page acknowledges the effort of the museumís A-26C restoration team who toil weekly to preserve a part of this nationís history. The timely assistance of other restoration volunteers in providing machining, engine restoration, and sheet metal work in support of our A-26 project is greatly appreciated. The original core of the A-26 restoration crew consists of the following dedicated people.

































†††††††††††††††† Other museum personnel that help us when needed:† Project Support



1st Row: Bob Grzech, K.B. Snow (USAF, Ret.), Carl Sgamboti, (Crew Chief)

2nd Row: John Smith, (USN, Ret.)

3rd Row: Bill Stevens (USAF, Ret.), John OíConnor, (USAF, Ret.)


Not shown: Pete McConnell, Ed Patapas, Art Richards, Fran Lambour, Al Steinmetz,

Jeff French, Jack Tarter, Bob Upson, Rick Centore, Byron Schoenholzer

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Carl Sgamboti

A-26C Preservation Crew Chief