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416th Bomb Group



This section of our website is dedicated to the veterans, families and friends of the 416th Bomb Group. The group was formed in early 1943 and entered the European Theater of Operations (ETO) at Wethersfield, England in February 1944. The group trained to fly the Douglas A-20 Havoc twin–engine bomber and entered the war flying missions to France from its base in England . After the D-Day invasion, the Group moved to Melun, France. In late 1944, the group transitioned to the Douglas A-26 Invader twin-engine bomber. The 416th Bomb Group was the first unit to fly both the A-20 Havoc and A-26 Invader in combat in the ETO.


<=== To the left are links to a more detailed history of the 416th Bomb Group and photos from the last Bomb Group reunion held in Louisville, KY in August 2006.


<=== The link to “Worms Mission” contains samples of information gathered during the research phase of the historical documentation project. The document will describe the events on the morning mission to Worms, Germany on the March 18, 1945. As a result of aircraft and personnel losses that morning, this mission became known in the Group as “Black Sunday.”